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This storefront has been set up in effort to raise money and awareness in the fight against HIV & AIDS and to assist those who are infected and affected by this disease. All of the proceeds from your purchases at our "T" Party will directly benefit a wonderful organization called "The Life Group LA." Please check out their site to learn more about the miraculous things they do for people like myself living with HIV & AIDS. www.thelifegroupla.org is their site.

Please feel free to browse our "T" shirts and purchase one or more that appeal to you! The "Ts" represent "T-cells" that are an essential part of the body's immune response. Many of the "Ts" were created by six graders in Glendale, CA as a science project to help me in my healing process. It worked. There are "Ts" from complete strangers from all over the world who wanted to be a part of my healing process and thanked me for letting them do so. The smiley face "T" is from a soldier in Iraq. If you'd like to create a "T" for our cause please check out our site www.mikestparty.com and send us your healing "T"

And remember, we can heal the world one "T" at a time.

Thank you for visiting,
Mike Hennessey, Creator of Mikes T Party.