Mike's History with AIDS

After many months of being sick and not feeling well back in 1990, Mike went through every test in the book (literally) to find out why he was ill. They thought maybe it was mono, TB, Hepatitis... all of the possibilities were there.

After 3 months of everything coming up negative, he sighed and reluctantly told his nurse practioner, Jan Williams to 'Just give me THE test'

Sure enough on August 13th, 1990 Jan told Mike that he was in fact HIV positive. When Mike asked if could be tested again to see if it went away she answered, "Once you're positive, you're positive" and Mike responded, "What about miracles from God?" She shrugged and wistfully said, "Bring them on!"

Mike's 16 year Victory over HIV" is now live on IFILM.

Mike was given 5 to 7 years to live on that same day that changed his life forever. He thought "If I'm going to die anyway, I may as well do it on stage!" So he put together a goofy comedy routine and going on stage (something he would NEVER have done before).

His T-cells at the time were roughly 340...every 3 months to follow while doing stand up comedy they went up to 768 than to 945 and then after 9 months up to 1170. He and Jan wept in the office and were overwhelmed that he was actually building T-cells through humor and by making others laugh as well... It was pure magic.

Mike is the owner of Mysteries By Mike, a children’s mystery party company as well as the founder of www.OneCAN.org a recycling charity for the homeless and the environment, and he is also the creator of a new gay webseries called, THE QUEERBURGS! Check them out on the web at www.Queerburgs.com.